This is JERSEY BOULEVARD. Calgary’s multi tribute band that brings the excitement of Bon Jovi and Journey’s original live show to life. These bands still captivate audiences the world over and now you can bring them together at your venue or event.

From the deep soulful melodies and guitar fireworks of Journey to the classic sing-along area rock anthems of Bon Jovi, JERSEY BOULEVARD conjures the sights, sounds and energy of these legendary bands at the peak of their careers.

If you never had a chance to see Bon Jovi or Journey then experiencing JERSEY BOULEVARD is a must! If you’re an experienced rocker then this is a trip back in time you’ll want to take.

The clothes, the moves, THE HAIR!

JERSEY BOULEVARD is the hottest classic rock tribute show that plays the hits from the past by the bands that still rule the charts today.

Jump in the Trans Am, turn up the radio, and drive down to JERSEY BOULEVARD.


Tickets available HERE.